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my blog of some sort. its really just about birds or plants.

listen to this as you scroll

if you also like birding, you should check out︎︎︎.

︎︎︎ Jan 2023

 welcome to this page.

I love birdwatching, it’s like catching pokemon. seeing an oriole or something ‘rare’ like an indigo bunting is like catching a shiny squirtle. forreal, birds are cool (except starlings & house sparrows)..

heres a grackle, some pelicans, and a great egret I saw in Cali:

︎︎︎ Feb 2023

check out these two evil guys. the blue jay actually tried dive bombing at my dog, and the muscovy duck hisses at you.

︎︎︎ April 2023

you ever just dig a hole? you should do it sometime.

I started up the garden for the spring. here are nice photos of my plants. 

︎︎︎ May 2023

went on a hike, check out these plants:

listen to this wood thrush & eastern phoebe. went camping in new hampshire, and woke up to the eastern phoebe. they’re named after their call, do you hear it?


︎︎︎ June 2023

did a lot of birding this month. check it out:

︎︎︎ more to come :) ︎︎︎

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